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You love our coffee? We love your special events! Conferences, weddings, business meetings, family reunions, you name it, if you want a little extra coffee love, just fill out our online form for an estimate.


Past Catering Events

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Service Options

  • this service includes a full espresso bar menu (espresso, macchiato, cappuccino, americano, latte, mocha, hot chocolate, and specialty drink of your choice)
  • we provide professionally trained staff to make drinks as efficiently as possible.
  • we bring decaf espresso in addition to regular espresso.
  • we provide black, green and herbal tea sourced from Dobra Tea and Healcrest Urban Farm.
  • we provide ceramic and glass cups versus disposables, which is better for the planet and more fun to drink out of!
  • we provide fair trade, organic sugar (and truvia as the non-sugar sweetener) as our sugar add-in.
  • we provide rich cream from Brunton Dairy (and almond milk as the non-dairy option).
  • we use farm fresh milk, high grade direct trade beans and house-made syrups
  • our milk comes to us from Pasture Maid Creamery, a 100-year-old family-owned dairy in New Castle. It’s a lightly pasteurized creamline milk. Rich, delicious and local.
  • the coffee beans we use are direct trade, which is a profitable experience for the coffee farmers. The beans are higher grade than “fair trade” beans and we can even tell you about the specific communities the beans come from. The vendors we source from are transparent and the growing communities are more sustainable, financially and environmentally, as a result of working with our vendors.
  • this coffee is made using direct trade beans (this is the best deal for coffee farmers, better than “fair trade” and we can tell you about the communities who are growing excellent coffee and how being in the coffee business is making these communities more sustainable financially and environmentally)
  • we provide all the cups and lids
  • we also provide fair trade, organic sugar (and truvia as the non-sugar sweetener) as our sugar option. We love this sugar. It’s better for the body to digest and better for the planet!
  • we provide rich cream from Brunton Dairy (and almond milk as a non-dairy add in). Brunton Dairy is a local, family-owned small dairy in Aliquippa and the cream we have from them is, hands down, the best cream we’ve found.
  • priced per serving
  • We provide black, green and herbal tea when providing tea service, so there is something for everyone.
  • the bagged tea we use is from Dobra Tea and Healcrest Urban Farm. It’s been hand-selected for CDA by the best tea purveyors in the city
  • We are the only coffee shop in town that Dobra Tea has chosen to work with. They provide the black and green tea we use. Dobra has a storefront in Squirrel Hill and we are thrilled that we get to use their tea on bar and at events.
  • Healcrest Urban Farms is a women-owned farmer co-op located right here in Pittsburgh, in Garfield. They grow almost all their ingredients on sight.
  • each tea bag will be lovingly bagged by hand by us (that’s how we do it at the shop) ahead of time.
  • we provide the cups and lids
  • we provide the same fair-trade organic sugar (and truvia) as for the coffee
  • we provide the same Brunton Dairy cream (and almond milk) as listed above.
  • priced per serving


Caffe d’Amore was beyond excellent for our Teacher Appreciation Breakfast.  We could not believe how professional and prepared they were to serve 200+ guests at our event.  All of the coffee was made to order and prepared and served to each guest in an extremely quick fashions.  The teachers and students LOVED all of the drinks served and could not stop raving about them.  If you are not sure which coffee service to use look no further, Caffe d’Amore is the place you NEED!

Season Gigliotti

Bike Pittsburgh had the pleasure of working with Caffè d’Amore to cater one of our events. They not only kindly dropped off and picked up everything, but they created an attractive setup. We opted to use their mason jar rental which was great both for environmental-friendliness and made the coffee more enjoyable rather than drinking out of disposable cups – this is a part of coffee service that I have yet to encounter elsewhere, so thanks Caffè d’Amore!

Bike Pittsburgh

I recommend using Caffè d’Amore’s catering service to keep you caffeinated at your event, and stopping by their cozy shop in Upper Lawrenceville.”

Jane Kaminski

“We had catering from Caffè d’Amore for TEDx University of Pittsburgh.  Sarah was super friendly and great to work with.  We had several espresso options and drip coffee.  All of it tasted great!  It really made our event feel more inviting and comfortable.  I would be happy to work with Caffè d’Amore again in the future, and I definitely recommend it to anyone interested in coffee catering.”

Gregory Logan

Here are some common questions about our awesome Catering:


How far in advance should we book an event?

As far in advance as possible.  Our calendar fills up quickly, and booking at least 2 weeks prior is best to insure availability.  Need us at the last minute? We might have an opening, but extra charges may apply.

What's included?

Our pricing includes everything – staff, condiments, and unlimited drinks for you and your guests while we are there. We never charge a per drink fee or add anything to your invoice after the event.


After we confirm the booking contracting, all we need from you is a place to plug in our equipment and some coffee drinkers. We bring the rest.


Our setup is complete and ready to roll once you book us. If you have something special in mind, we’re happy to brainstorm with you. Signature drinks, particular syrups, alternative brew methods…  let’s talk!


Our bar setup is about 5ft wide and about 2.5 feet deep. We do need room to work, so a 6 x 6 space normally covers it. We’d be happy to come by for a site visit to be sure.

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